Inside the Casa di Laino there are tiled floors and ceilings scantlings in the style of the period when the building was built.
Here you can see photographs of the interior; utensils and furniture suitable for daily life today have been chosen carefully in order to not alter the old charm of antique furniture.
The recent restructuring has been done with methods and materials fitting to the old structure and adding compliance with the standards of safety and habitability

By renting the Casa di Laino you with your family or with friends, will not only spend a holiday immersed in the landscape of Tuscany but you can also experience the home of the XVIII century without sacrificing the comfort to which you are accustomed.

The house consists of 8 rooms:

  • 4 bedrooms:
    • 1 double
    • 1 double or 2 single beds
    • 2 single beds with a square and a half
  • Bathroom
  • Salon
  • Kitchen
  • Cellar

Wathcc the plan

Inside pictures

Outside pictures of the Casa di Laino, a relaxing holiday, the rent of this house will take you back in time.

The interior of the house, clean and care for you to enjoy the special architecture that will be yours for the entire duration of the lease

The splendid landscape campaign Lucca, Tuscany as you have never seen: olive groves, woods and hills and, of course, the main cities of Italy, sea and mountains a few miles away